Welcome to Healthcare Capital Markets & Innovation Summit presented by Lawrence, Evans & Co., LLC. We will be utilizing a scheduling platform which allows participants to schedule appointments in an intuitive manner more efficiently.  

The new scheduling system has a comprehensive search feature and filtration based on demographics to determine suitability to request a meeting.  

Please read the instructions below, visit the portal to view participants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting and choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests if you’d like more time to decide. It’s easy, flexible, and gives you the opportunity to optimize your valuable time invested in the hybrid event.


Lawrence, Evans & CO., LLC is brining business professionals together in a unique virtual setting to enable valuable conversations.

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The advanced platform with advanced calendaring and attendee filtering tools, make participation easy.


Your personalized schedule filled with ideal meetings you select for your business needs and priorities.

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Update your profile - Be sure to update your profile so that you, as well as other participants, are making the right connections. Confirm your information so you're easy to contact before the event and beyond. Manage your time during the three days with an easy method of blocking your availability for one-on-one meetings and exciting events.

Manage Your Calendar

The conference is centered around a visually rich calendar that contains your blocked availability, your confirmed meetings, and events.  All of your meetings and sessions are color-coded by category, so you can prepare for and manage your time.

Make, Receive or Snooze Meeting Requests

The core attraction of the platform is the ease with which you can view participants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting and choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests if you’d like more time to decide. The attendee search panel gives you the status of participants you're interested in, and shows you requests you've made that are still pending, at a glance.

Update Your Profile

Secure, Private Virtual Appointments

This virtual stage is where you will have the ability to view the presentations from the event through the portal. There is a chat box function for those to chat with others and ask questions. 

The virtual one-to-one meetings will take place in secure, private virtual meeting spaces.  No worrying about intrusions into confidential conversations makes this virtual environment the perfect place to schedule all of your meetings.

Main Stage

During your first visit to the login screen, select "First time logging in" and use the email address you registered with to establish your credentials for accessing the site. The platform will then send you an email to enable you to designate a password associated with your email address to access the scheduling portal. If you do not see this email, please also review your junk email folder.

If you have any issues or do not receive the confirmation email, let us know via an email to for assistance.

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