The EFC Education Finance Conference (EFC2) offers insight from industry experts and will provide up-to-date information on key issues and new developments impacting the student loan and postsecondary education industry. 

In addition to the great conference sessions, the EFC2 virtual meeting will provide you valuable networking opportunities in a virtual ballroom and the ability to schedule one-on-one appointments with individuals in a private secure setting. The scheduling system that will allow you to search for attendees, request, and schedule virtual meetings.

As soon as you enter the EFC2 virtual conference, you will be in your profile. There you will find a menu of links to help you navigate through this virtual event, including entering the virtual lobby, finding the sessions to attend, learn more about the EFC sponsors, network, schedule meetings, and view your calendar. There will also be a help desk located in the lobby and the virtual ballroom to assist you.

The calendar view allows you to include the sessions you will be attending, select times and dates for one-on-one meetings, as well as choosing, changing or updating, virtual meeting locations. Users can also download schedules at their own discretion. Please read the instructions below to take advantage of this great scheduling tool to review and rank profiles and make meeting requests. It’s easy, flexible, and gives you the opportunity to optimize your valuable time invested in the virtual event.

Please note, all meetings will take place in Eastern Time


Update your profile - Be sure to update your profile so that you, as well as other participants, are making the right connections. Confirm your information so you're easy to contact before the event and beyond. Manage your time during the three days with an easy method of blocking your availability for one-on-one meetings.

Manage Your Calendar

The scheduling portal is centered around a visually rich calendar that contains your blocked availability, your confirmed conference sessions and meetings. All of your meetings and sessions are color-coded by category, so you can prepare for and manage your time.

Make, Receive or Snooze Meeting Requests

The core attraction of the event is the ease with which you can view participants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting and choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests if you’d like more time to decide. The attendee search panel gives you the status of participants you're interested in, and shows you requests you've made that are still pending, at a glance.

Update Your Profile

Networking will take place in the virtual ballroom. The virtual environment is the perfect place to engage with attendees and make business connections. The virtual one-to-one meetings will take place in secure, private virtual meeting spaces.  No worrying about intrusions into confidential conversations makes this virtual environment the perfect place to schedule all of your meetings.

Secure, Private Virtual Appointments & the Virtual Ballroom


September 17-18, 2020