AFFI-CON is the premier business event for frozen food and beverage makers, industry suppliers and logistical partners. Year after year, AFFI-CON brings together over 600 companies and 1,500+ attendees, creating the space and time to allow them to meet one-on-one to discuss current and future opportunities. For AFFI-CON 2022, we are bringing back our technology partner from 2021 providing you and your company with a very unique experience – the normal in-person you’re used to plus the technology to make scheduling your business meetings even easier. If frozen foods are your business, AFFI-CON is a can’t miss event!

The scheduling system for AFFI-CON has a comprehensive search feature and filtration based on demographics to determine suitability to request a meeting. With the tool, users can also assess incoming meeting requests, “snooze” requests, confirm meetings and block off availability, granting users a simplified method for managing their desired meeting participants. Make sure to add the networking and education sessions to your calendars before you start making meetings.

Please read the instructions below, visit the portal to review and rank profiles and make meeting requests. It’s easy, flexible, and gives you the opportunity to optimize your valuable time invested in the event.


AFFI is bringing professionals together in a unique virtual setting to enable valuable conversations.

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The advanced platform with advanced calendaring and attendee filtering tools, make participation easy.


Your personalized schedule filled with ideal meetings you select for your business needs and priorities.


The ability to provide robust details about what kind of business you are looking to do at the show will allow you to make the right connections to grow your business at AFFI-CON. It will be easier than ever to contact other attendees before the event and beyond. Once the platform opens, you will simply confirm your information and then be ready to start setting high-quality one-on-one business meetings

Easy Schedule Management Tools

The scheduling portal is centered around a visually rich calendar that contains your blocked availability, your confirmed meetings, and events. All of your meetings and sessions are color-coded by category, so you can prepare for and manage your time. The best part – it syncs seamlessly with your calendar of choice (Outlook, Google, etc).

Make Connections on Your Terms

The core attraction of AFFI-CON is the ease with which you can view participants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting and choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests if you’d like more time to decide. The attendee search panel gives you the status of participants you're interested in, and shows you requests you've made that are still pending, at a glance. Manage your interaction with hundreds of other attendees with just a few clicks.

Detailed Profile Options

Frozen Food's Premier Business Event

February 19-22, 2022

Here's an inside look at what the platform looked like for AFFI-CON 2021!