ACG Chicago is proud to present ACG Access our new personable one-on-one meeting scheduling tool. ACG Access allows invited members and vetted enrolled participants to schedule appointments in an intuitive manner more efficiently.  

The new scheduling system has a comprehensive search feature and filtration based on demographics to determine suitability to request a meeting.  

Please read the instructions and timeline below, visit the portal to review and rank profiles and make meeting requests. The participant controls who they meet or not.  The platform then creates a high-quality schedule of connections for you.  You will have a time to review and request, and of course, make changes to your schedule with members of our team.  It’s easy, flexible, and gives you the opportunity to optimize your valuable time invested in the virtual event.

Commencing today, you’ll review participant profiles and responses on ACG Access. You’ll indicate interest in those whom you’d like to have meetings scheduled with. You’ll also be able to express who you would not care to meet with. Once that part of the process is done, you’ll be issued a schedule for the one-to-one virtual meetings.  


ACG Chicago is bringing Financial Services together in a unique virtual setting to enable valuable conversations.

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The advanced platform with advanced calendaring and attendee filtering tools, make participation easy.


Your personalized schedule filled with ideal meetings you select for your business needs and priorities.

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Your Midwest Capital Connection profile is a snapshot of your persona at the event. Complete your personal information so you're easy to contact at the event and beyond. 

Make Meeting Requests

Setting your meetings is easy using the ACG Access tool. You can accept appointments with business connections who are ideal for you to meet with based on specially tailored questions for industry professionals to register their preferences and interests. Once those profiles are ready, you will be invited to review participant profiles and responses in an online portal. You’ll also indicate interest in those whom you’d like to have meetings scheduled with. You’ll be able to express who you would not care to meet with as well.

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Update Your Profile

Get Started with Log In

During your first visit to the login screen, select "First time logging in" and use your email address to establish your credentials for accessing the site. The platform will then send you an email to enable you to designate a password associated with your email address to access the scheduling portal (If you do not see this email, please also review your junk email folder).  If you have any issues or do not receive the confirmation email, let us know via an email to for assistance.


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Portal Closed for Scheduling

The User Portal is closed for further requests so that preliminary  appointments may be matched for optimal quality

July 29, 2020

Schedules May Now Be Reviewed

Preliminary schedules are completed and you can re-enter the User Portal with time to review your matched meeting participants

July 31, 2020

Virtual Event Takes Place

Your final schedules are available for your virtual meetings

August 4 - 5, 2020

ACG Access opens July 22, 2020. For more information on how to use the system, please view the ACG Access User Instructions.

Conduct Secure, Private 
Virtual Appointments

The DealSource meetings will take place in secure, private virtual meeting spaces.  No worrying about intrusions into confidential conversations makes this virtual environment the perfect place to schedule all of your meetings.

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